Bubbly water, weed tinctures and everything that happened when I lost the desire for alchohol

  1. Intuitively, which is to say, having a drink with friends, over meals, possibly with indifference and most definitely with moderation.
  2. With discipline, which looks the same from the outside as someone drinking intuitively, only it takes private intention and effort.
    In other words, the drinking is managed internally by some hardass in your mind who has been assigned to the task.
  3. With abandon, which is to drink with friends, or without friends, at meals, before meals, after meals, or instead of meals, at the movies, in an overt flask, in a discreet flask, gleefully in a mug that says Wine-Thirty, in a hurry, with a fear there won’t be enough.



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Beth Kelly

Beth Kelly


I learn everything the hard way — sometimes I write about it.